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Hay Fever

Hay Fever  Learning how to avoid triggers and finding the right treatment can make a big difference. What is it? Hay fever, (also called allergic rhinitis) causes cold-like signs and symptoms such as a runny nose, congestion, sneezing and sinus pressure. But unlike a cold, hay fever isn’t caused by a virus. Hay fever is […]


Armolipid Plus – €19.85

We are now stocking Armolipid Plus at Brookes Pharmacy Armolipid PLUS, a new over-the-counter food supplement (nutraceutical). Armolipid PLUS has proven efficacy in lowering Total Cholesterol, LDL –C and Triglycerides. Armolipid PLUS should be taken once a day and does not require a prescription. It is available in pharmacies across Ireland and is recommended to be […]

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Did you hear we are finalists in the Innovation and Services Award?

Did you hear our news? We are delighted to announce that we are in the final 3 pharmacies in the country for the Innovation and Services Award. This is a great honour, as the competition was very high, according to Ciara from the IPN We at Brookes Pharmacy recognise that patients want the best service […]