Food Intolerance Testing

York Test

 In Brookes Pharmacy we offer Food Intolerance Testing which is done in store. The Yorktest Intolerance Programme has been around with 30 years with excellent results.

80% of People with Gastro-Intestinal issues reported moderate to high benefits.

72% of people with Respiratory issues reported moderate to high benefits.

78% of people with reoccurring Migraines and Headaches felt benefits.

76% of people with Skin Conditions reported moderate to high benefits.

64% of people with Arthritis felt a moderate to high benefit.

81% of people Psychological problems felt moderate to high benefits.

79% of people with Low Energy felt their energy levels increased.


Here are some case studies as examples of the Food Intolerance Tests success:

Emma Holland:

Dropped 5 dress sizes and went from a size 16 to size 8. Emma suffered from acne, bloating, tiredness and extreme constipation. “My doctor put me on tablets and sent me for tests suggesting my condition was IBS. I suffered from bloating to the extent where people would give up their seat on the bus as they thought I was pregnant. I was becoming increasingly tired and my face was covered in terrible acne. When the results came back I had to cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and yeast and it was tough. The difference though has been amazing. The acne and stomach pain have all cleared up but the most amazing is the weight I have lost, going from a size 16 to size 8.”


Will Faulkner:

Will is a presenter of a popular Midlands Today show on Midlands 103. Will found that he was getting more lethargic in the mornings. “I definitely was more lethargic in the morning, I was suffering from stomach upsets for over a year. I went to my doctor and I was effectively told to eat more fibre as I was suffering from irritable bowel. I think because of that condition it effected my energy levels.” In July Will opted for the YorkTest food intolerance screening. That revealed that he was intolerant to cow’s milk, cashew nuts and egg yolks with a mild intolerance to wheat and yeast. Will admits he was very skeptical of such tests but decided to stop eating eggs, cashew nuts and drinking cow’s milk. “My tummy is much better now and I have much more energy. This is much more than a placebo effect and I am definitely much more active and my problems have eased dramatically. Despite my initial skepticism I don’t believe you can argue with the results. My wife Alix also noticed the changes in me.”

Paula Radcliffe (Olympian):

Paula started to suffer from stomach cramps and fatigue that were so unbearable it was affecting her training. She was recommended to use the Food Intolerance Testing Service from the YorkTest Laboratories. Her test came back informing her she was intolerant to eggs, chicken, wheat, tomatoes and dairy. After cutting out the foods from her diet Paula sates ” I have a lot more energy and I am back to my normal self. It truly made such a difference to my life and I would recommend it to anyone else suffering from symptoms like these. ”

If you would like to know more about the Food Intolerance Testing call instore or phone us on 023/8841136