First Aid

First Aid

First aid is: help given to a person who has been hurt or is suddenly taken ill. First aid is the steps you can take before a person gets expert medical help or before the next level of help arrives. First aid can sometimes save a person’s life, but more often it is help given in an everyday accident or illness.

The Irish Red Cross have recently launched a First Aid App free to download from the Apple App and Google Play Stores for Smartphones and Tablets.

The First Aid App features easy to follow tips for more than 20 common first aid scenarios including how to treat burns, breaks, strains and sprains and what to do if an infant is choking.  It also features advice on how to prepare for emergency situations including floods, fires and water safety.


 Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play

First Aid at Brookes Pharmacy



At Brookes Pharmacy, we stock a full range of First Aid supplies and kits. First aid kits for schools or clubs can be made up in store on request.

For more First Aid Information, Contact Brookes Pharmacy on 023-8841136 or pop into us!

Awareness can save lives!